We manufacture a large range of leather belts, both formal and informal. The softee
belt, in  lots of colours and finishes, has a reinforced folded edge and is backed
with sueded leather. The buckles are of fine brass.  Prices from 35.  
Our bridle leather belts are in a class of their own.  Normally 3.5mm to 4mm substance, and varying from 3/4" to 2" wide.
We will make one up for you to any length required.   Prices from 33.

Scallop Belt

Solid brass crown buckle.  Sets from 9.50p.
Made-up from 12.50p.




Ladies Purse

Card Wallet


Hold 10 cards, also notes.  37.50p


These purses and wallets are available in a choice of calf, pig and goat skin.



Ladies or Gents Travel Wallet



  A very versatile wallet that will carry your
credit cards, passport, glasses, small
mobile phone and coinage. It is fine
enough to be concealed under your jacket
using its shoulder strap. We have also
fitted belt loops for extra security. A must
for the traveller.  125.
  Leather bookmarks in a range
of colours.


Spats and Gaiters

  Our Spats may be used on the moor with your shoes.
Very supple and comfortable.

The Gaiters shown were put together for use with a
fine leather boot.

Prices from 70.



Knife Sheathes

  We can manufacture a leather sheath for your skinning or gralloch knife to suit your requirements.
They are normally put together with 4mm Veg Tan Bridle leather, with a belt attachment of your
choice. 25 for a standard knife sheath.


We offer a repair service for all leather and sheepskin goods.  Please contact us with your requirements.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.    Postage, packing and insurance are charged at cost.


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